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Our philosophy has always been that a baby brings a pop of colour to your life, and found that maternity & newborn photography didn’t always capture the bright moments and happiness of this special time.  The Little Picture's goal is to capture real moments and real emotions, which we believe is best achieved by working with families in an environment where they feel most like themselves, usually their home or another favourite place.

And while a picture is worth a thousand words, we think adding some video into the mix helps capture even more – the way your baby breaks into smile, the songs your children sing, the way your partner’s face lights up while looking into your little one’s eyes.  Our hope is not only to help share these ineffable moments, but to provide a time capsule that you and your family will want to revisit again and again.

We shoot brilliant, crisp HD video using professional lenses to help bring family and friends, near and far, closer to the moments that are important to you.  And while we specialize in maternity and newborn photography and videography, we’re always happy to capture any moments, big and small, whatever your little picture means to you..


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